All Decisions are Good Decisions at this Delicious and Conscientious Eatery

Kye’s isn’t just one of our favorite Avo Partners because KyeRitos pair perfectly with a nice and juicy avocado (although that definitely doesn’t hurt). We love this incredible restaurant because they’re taking healthy eating on-the-go to the next level!

Founded by Jeanne Cheng, Kye’s is inspired by the conscious food movement, which places an emphasis on transparent sourcing and getting ingredients from local and organic farms whenever possible. That consciousness is reflected not only in the healthfulness of the food, but also the restaurant’s positive influence on the community and ability to impact food supply and sustainability more generally. At Kye’s, you’ll find food you feel good about eating -- and not just because it’s delicious.

This Santa Monica hotspot has made a name for itself through their signature menu item, the “KyeRito.” The KyeRito is a meal served in a handheld bowl - like a wrap, but better! Not to worry if you’re not one to enjoy eating with your hands… every combination is also available in a traditional bowl.

The menu features creative combinations inspired by Korean, Thai, Mexican, and American flavors -- some fan favorites include the Macro, Sweet Chicken, and Nori Burger. But even more impressive than the mouth-watering creations is how customizable the menu is. It is designed to work with the growing food sensitivity issues that we face today.

Kye’s is totally wheat-free, and while the menu caters to vegan and mostly plant-based diets, it’s also Paleo and Keto friendly. You can sub rice for an almond cauliflower mash, you can choose from proteins like free range chicken or wild salmon, and you can have your KyeRito wrapped in either nori or collard greens. With so many options and swaps available, there’s definitely something for everyone.

And no matter what ingredients you choose to build your KyeRito with, you can rest assured that they’re high quality. Although the Bulgogi is as tasty and flavorful as something you’d get from a Korean food truck, it’s made with amazing ingredients and real food. Experience the pleasure of that 4am burrito you used to eat in college without without the stomach ache. Kye’s also strives to use as many “superfoods” as possible, which means you’ll find lots of whole foods with high nutritional profiles on the menu.

No matter what you’re craving, Kye’s has a great tasting and better-for-you alternative that will satisfy your tummy no matter your dietary preferences. We can’t wait to make eating at Kye’s even more rewarding through this partnership! Use your Avo Card and earn 7% cash back :)

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