#Rewardyourhealth with some OG Açaí

Backyard Bowls is an OG pioneer of the Açaí Bowl in SoCal. They were one of the first ones doing Açaí , and are doing it right to this day. They’re also one of our Avo Partners, and we’re excited to share more about why we love them so much.

BYB (as they’re known by fans) started in Santa Barbara back in 2008, way before Açaí Bowls were as popular and common as they are now. Founders Pete and Dan had fallen in love with açaí in Hawaii, and wanted to bring it to the West Coast. This first-of-its-kind bowl became a favorite, and a few years later Backyard Bowls made its way to LA.

Once they got to LA, BYB started serving more savory options like salads, avo toast, and lunch bowls -- but their açaí, smoothie creations, and hot breakfast bowls remain their signature items.

Made from mostly organic, sustainable, and locally produced foods, their plant-based menu is a one-stop-shop for nutritious and delicious eats. And the best part? Grabbing something at BYB is quick and easy, and their items are great on-the-go. However, all their locations are also dine-in friendly if you have more time and want to hang out and chill!

You can’t go wrong with any of the items on the menu but guess what? Sometimes we like to change things up, make things a tad less glycemic, and yes, you guessed it ;) Ask for unsweetened açaí and substitute bananas with avocado! We also love experimenting with add ons for an extra boost of superfoods.

Not only is the food at Backyard Bowls good for you, but it’s also good for the environment. BYB is a 100% clean energy company, and a Certified Green Business. They’re actively working to reduce their eco-footprint, and constantly finding new ways to be a more conscientious business in general.

We love and admire how Backyard Bowls takes health, wellness, and environmentalism to heart. We know that whenever we order there, we’re doing something good for ourselves and the planet, which is why we are so grateful to have them as an Avo Partner.

Just in case eating something as delicious and nutritious as one of their bowls isn't enough, you'll earn money for doing it - get a 7% cash back reward every time you buy Backyard Bowls with your Avo Card.

Now, that's BOWL-IN!

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