Making Fit Fun and Efficient One Power Plate at a Time!

There are tons of great workout spots in LA that we love, but none of them compare to PLATEFIT. This fitness studio is totally unique in form and function, and we are thrilled to be joining forces to bring variety to your workout routine.

PLATEFIT is a HIIT workout done on individual Power Plate machines. These are medical grade devices that utilize harmonic vibration -- meaning the plates can move in three different directions at one time (left to right, front to back, up and down). This forces your muscle reflexes to activate more intensely during your workout -- 30 to 40 times per second! This kind of muscle activation has loads of benefits for strength, recovery, and range of motion -- increased balance, increased bone density, and improved blood flow to name a few.

Founder Rachael Blumberg first discovered the Power Plate at a gym and was so impressed by the results she had from one week of working out on it that she quit her job, bought nine Power Plates and opened PLATEFIT. Besides being a former college athlete, fitness and health junkie, she’s also widely regarded as one of the most innovative and knowledgeable instructors in the industry.

While all workouts at PLATEFIT are done on the plate, the types of classes are totally unique. There’s AbFIT for a core-focused workout, Barre/DanceFIT for a cardio class, and BootcampFIT for more full-body HIIT. They also have stretch and recovery focused classes that use low therapeutic vibrations. Basically any workout you can do off the plate, you can also do on the plate -- and PLATEFIT has it on their schedule!

But the machine you’ll be using isn’t the only wow-factor. You may not believe us when we tell you that PLATEFIT workouts are just 27 minutes. And this isn’t a random number -- it’s the time that this studio has come up with as the time it takes to get in an optimal workout. If hour-long classes are more your speed (or you’re an overachiever like we are), then here’s an insider tip: take back-to-back classes and you’ll get a full hour of exercise ;)

This studio is definitely innovating within the fitness industry, but they haven’t forgotten about the importance of the studio vibe. They’ve got premium equipment, awesome instructors, and great high-energy playlists.

From the revolutionary workout to the welcoming community, PLATEFIT is a fitness studio that definitely stands out. If you’re looking for a fun and effective workout, this should be high up on your list! Especially because their three locations are prime for wellness adventures. Their WeHo studio on Beverly Blvd. is right next to Avo Partner, Backyard Bowls, as well as other Avo Businesses like Blue Bottle Coffee, Stretch Lab, Integro Pilates, Tonic Wellness Boutique, and more. It’s one of our favorite blocks of wellness. They also have studios in Brentwood and Studio City, so no matter where you are in LA, you are close enough to get in your 27-minute workout!

We’re very excited about this partnership, and look forward to rewarding you with 12% cash back every time you buy PLATEFIT Classes with your Avo Card.

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